Spencer Schubert


DOB? 1/25/1993
Nicknames? Spenny, Shvetty
Home mountain? Mt. Bachelor
tance - Goofy or Regular? Goofy
Years Snowboarding? 13ish
Favorite trick? The ollie
Sponsors? ThirtyTwo, etnies, Capita, Union, Arnette, LRG, Cobra Dogs
Favorite trip you went on last year? I went to Seattle with Derek Lever, his home town. It was awesome!
How many video parts? List them all? Two. My part in my high school homies local video, A Little Somethin', and my part in Ammo.
Favorite rider and why? So tough! Probably Chris Grenier because his parts are super good and hilarious.
Favorite video part and why? Justin Benne and Matty Ryan in Burning Bridges because I've watched it at least 1000 times.

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