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Product Details

Item Code: 8105000325
Fit: Elite
Lacing: Traditional
Footbed: Elite
Flex: Medium

Tech Features

  • 1:1 Lasting
  • Performance Rubber Outsole
  • STI Energy Foam
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Elite Internal Harness
  • Tongue Tension+
  • Articulated Cuff
  • Molded Toe Cap
  • Performance Backstay
  • Exo Armor
  • Storm Shield
  • Heel Hold System
  • Recoil Flex Control
  • Intuition Foam

Tech Features

Boot Specifications
1:1 Lasting
True half sizes
Performance Rubber Outsole
Enhanced grip
STI Energy Foam
High rebound cushioning
3D Molded Tongue
Even flex
Elite Internal Harness
Reinforced harness built taller for ultimate support and heel hold
Tongue Tension+
Ultimate heel lock down
Articulated Cuff
Eliminates shell distortion
Molded Toe Cap
Rugged toe reinforcement
Performance Backstay
Enhanced spine support
Exo Armor
Reinforced shell construction
Storm Shield
All weather seal
Recoil Flex Control
Customizable boot flex inserts
Boot Fit
Comfort Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam allowing for moderate support and a soft flex, lined with micro fleece for superior warmth and comfort, 100% heat moldable for a customized fit
Team Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam formulated for medium support, flex, and enhanced comfort, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding
Performance Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam maximizing support and stiffness while providing enhanced comfort, strategically designed overlays for additional forefoot and spine support, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding
Elite Fit
Injection molded with high rebound energy foam providing excellent support, medium flex and will not break down like traditional liners, lined with intuition foam making this liner 100% heat moldable, customize fit with heel hold kit
Molded footbed
Molded footbed with heel cradle and arch support
Molded Evolution Foam with heel cradle, arch support and heel cushioning
Molded Energy Foam with heel cradle and customziable adaptive arch support

TM-3 reviews (5)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.8 stars

Average rating: 4.8 stars
dickie 4/17/19 Winter Park, CO

Been on these boots 140+ this season so far. Starting out they were not comfortable, but after the break in period superb feel. The hard toe box is just as firm as day one- no foot smoosh from the toe cap, ever! They ride responsive without being over stiff and I felt more locked into this boot than I ever did with wearing the XLTs for 2 full winters. The durability is a solid one thumbs up! They have a few splits seams from bindings, and the ankle support is not unreasonably diminished. The Elite liner is dope! Especially since there are no seams on the Elite liner, there aren't the nasty pressure points like the old liners. It also holds way less moisture than the old liners, my previous over-sweaty foot problem was mostly solved from this liner. The liner is pain in ass to remove and put back in though. The sole is meh, now that the boot totally broken in and worn down, the foam X part of the sole bulges out past the rubber. IMO- a virbram sole like on the XLTs would be a great addition. The extra foot arch support thingys, and recoil ankle stick thingys are also dope. On my back foot outside recoil ankle stick thingy started to form a blister on my ankle and i changed the stick location from the designated sleeve to bout an inch over and problem solved but was easy to lose when taking the boots off. The boot as a whole seems less volume than other 32s i've had which helps give that tighter feel. I've been very happy with the boot thanks team 32!!

Average rating: 4.8 stars
tywalks 2/12/19 New york

Coming out of Tm2, this is worlds better. More supportive, adjustable stiffness, and the adaptive arch support is incredible.

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Tommy 1/25/19 Utah

I ride park city twice a week whatever the conditions may be. I stick mainly to blues and blacks and love catching a decent amount of air. Every boot has a break-in period and these boots are no exception however, the heat molding tech has greatly expedited that process. After heat molding and about 4 snowboarding sessions, these boots fit perfectly. I usually wear a 10(one foot is 9.5 and one is 10.0) but decided a little apprehensively to go for the 9.5. I can say with confidence that even though I was a little nervous sizing down, I am completely satisfied with the fit now. The first few days were a bit rough. At some points, my feet hurt and my toes fell asleep but I had faith that they would eventually conform to my feet and I am so glad I got them. I am excited to test the longevity of the foam liner because it has become very comfortable while still remaining responsive. I have a slightly higher arch than average but the customizable insole was able to really help reduce arch strain. Seriously one of the most convenient and forward thinking insoles I have seen. Props to thirtytwo for making such a simple and effective design for dealing with variable arches. The only negative thing I have noticed is that my feet seem to get colder with the foam liner in comparison to others. Not a big deal but something to note if that is of particular concern. I am very satisfied with these boots so far and look forward to seeing where they take me.

Average rating: 4.8 stars
Pierluigi 1/9/19 Italy

Good stiff. Top product

Average rating: 4.8 stars
LT$ 12/18/18 Loon Mt Park

Tanks. Very burly toe box ready to kick anything in its path. Did not heat mold and felt very tight first day, second day they broke in nice. I took all the gadgets/support pieces out besides the footbed arches and then will add them in later as I go. 32 did these babies right.