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TM-2 WOMEN'S reviews (5)

Overall rating
Average rating: 3.4 stars

Average rating: 3.4 stars
Jay 1/20/19 CO

Definitely take a bit to break in just like any boot. They provide such great support, super responsive, and the ankle hold definitely gave me some issues (blisters for a few weeks) but now they’re PERFECT and love them!!!!!!!

Average rating: 3.4 stars
CL2 1/9/19 Vancouver

I've been riding 32 for years now and thought I would be able to just slip into the next upgrade but these are the most painful boot I've ever been in. The foam around the ankle sounds good in theory to hold your heel down but all it does is provide this incredible pressure that made my foot go numb after 3 runs. Such a shame!

Average rating: 3.4 stars
Pia 1/14/19 CO

I love these boots! They have the perfect amount of support and fits true to size, I normally wear a 6.5-7 and bought a 6.5. Takes a few weeks to break in but I know these will hold up for more than one season. Highly recommend!

Average rating: 3.4 stars
Kelly 1/1/19 California

I love love loved these boots the first weekend I wore them. The next weekend I rode, I started having a nasty pain in the outside of my ankle. I had them heat molded when the pain started and they seemed a little better. The next weekend I made it through one day in them with significant pain and tried molding them again at the end of the day. The following day, I was in tears coming down the mountain and had to rent boots for the rest of the day. Everyone's feet are different so maybe it's just me, but I'm so disappointed with how these boots turned out. At this price point, they should be perfect.

Average rating: 3.4 stars
Jeni 12/1/18 Bellingham

I have been meaning to write a review for this boot! I have last year's model, I believe, and it rides downhill great. The rubber is amazing. I feel like I can kick steps without burning my calves too much because the flex is perfectly stiff for most tours. However, I wear a size 5 in women's for street shoes and I have to wear a size 7 for this product. ( I am 110 pounds, 5'0", if you want more details to compare). In other words, this boot fits tightly. Another aspect I noticed was that I didn't find this boot very comfortable or supportive for skinning anywhere- I got blisters and foot pain during those aspects of my backcountry tours. I think this boot would be great for everything else! Just get the right size! :)