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ZEPHYR FT reviews (3)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.67 stars

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Sevenumsix 4/8/19 Belgium

These boots are super comfy!u get the rounds to adjust ur boots inside wich are super nice. For me the best boots i ever had!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
ZFMZ 2/19/19 San Jose ca

Received as a warranty replacement (which was 5 stars as well). Came in the mail in 2 days. Hit the snow next 3 days. Prefect straight out of the box. Love thirtytwo thanks for your help!!!!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Surfer 2/15/19 Turkey

Its good, i really loved these boots. They are nice, comfortable, you can use them for long hours. But like every other perfect thing, this boot has a down side. They are getting loose after 2-3 hours of riding. And you have to unlace them and thighten them up. Besides this problem. Theyre nice and comfy