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LASHED reviews (17)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.82 stars

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Garry 11/30/18 Salt Lake City, UT

Killed boot for the price tag. Get the liners molded and you’ll be loving life. My vans used to kill the arch of my foot, but I no longer have that problem with these boots. Only thing I’d say is they run slightly small, so maybe size up a half size. Great boot for all mtn.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
derossi 5/21/18 New Hampshire

Best boots ever! This is my second pair of Lashed boots and by far the best boots I have ever owned. I am a size 12 with a wider foot, so I have tried a variety of boots and brands all of which caused foot pain while riding. I rode my first pair of Lashed boots for 6 seasons and never experienced any foot pain. The inner heat molding insert is perfect and very comfortable and the articulated cuff really gives the boot a solid yet still supportive flex. I personally recommend these boots to everyone! I hope to see a hybrid boa option in in newer models.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Steve805 4/6/18 Camarillo/CA

Boots performed great, hit mammoth 4 days straight riding all day and had no issues. Brake in was quick.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Atrain 2/17/18 Havre, mt

I love just about every thing on this boot. But one thing. The foot bed sweeps inward a bit. This really pinched my base of my pinky toe and bunched up the joints there. This really sucks because I want this boot. So trace out your foot and look at the shape.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
ScooterBoy 2/6/18 Berkshire East

Love these boots. Third pair of 32 Lashed I’ve owned, the only boot I’ve put my feet in for the past 10 years. Each of the past pairs have had 400+ days on the slopes before retired, and from day 1 to their retirement they were like walking on sunshine. Unless you like sore feet and hate snowboarding, you’ll love these boots.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
J-KUOK 1/13/18 Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Best 32’s I’ve owned yet!! I rode the team 2’s for years before these lashed Series(laced boot).. Both are AWESOME boots. All the movement you need with the built in flexpoint on the ankle, and never ever get cold feet no matter the temp drop.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Porter 1/9/18 Klinovec, Czech Republic

Great overall boot, best color way in the game. Dont love the new strap on the inner boot. Only brand of boot I will be wearing from here on out! Proform Please??????????? Dícky aka Thank you in Czech

Average rating: 4.82 stars
gee 1/8/18 Scotland

Great boot super comfy been using the lashed since the late 90s only grumble is this season they have made the lashed a bit stiffer than usual

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Mason 12/7/17 Tahoe

Awesome boots . Happy riding

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Ethan Mclachlan 11/14/17 Brisbane, Australia

Was tossing up between a few boots and so glad I ended up with the Thirtytwo lashed. Living in a non snow area I ordered online and they were super comfortable straight away and the sizing was true. Still look brand new after the first trip and were perfect the whole time

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Tim 11/14/17 Portland

Hands down the most comfortable boot ever. Perfect fit out of the box with zero break-in time. Sweet medium flex for backcountry missions and park sessions alike. Do yourself a favour and grab a pair right now!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
danny 11/14/17 Cannonsburg MI

These boots rip, took about a day to break in. Significantly better than by Burton boots. Heal cup is excellent, and the liner stays super warm. Definitely recommend

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Big mich 11/2/17 West pointe utah

Very soft and playful . Only problem is if you rip 100 day seasons like me might need replacement insoles. Instagram @pmartian6

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Dallas 11/1/17 Illinois

These boots are gnarly. From day one comfort that only gets better. Ive been running the same pair for the past 4 seasons.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Wolfie 11/1/17 Oceanside, CA

Went from Adidas to ThirtyTwo; best decision I could've made. These Lashed boots were by far he most comfy pair of boots I've owned. Recommend 1 full size to your shoe size. I wear a 9 shoe, and a 10 boot for perfect.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
B-rode 11/1/17 Ontario Canada

Been riding the lashed boot since i started snowboarding when i was 10 back in 2010. Boots are sturdy enough to support and provide snappy response but also soft enough to jib and press around the park 10/10 would recommend to everyone i know

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Fiken 11/1/17 Gothenburg, Sweden

This is the absolute best boot I have ever tried, fits like a glove, keeps my toes warm and dry. I wouldnt trade them for anything. I highly recommend all your boots to friends or other people I talk to but for me, this is the MVP of boots all categoris hands down!