Chris Grenier


DOB? 6/12/1987
Nicknames? Grendys and Grampier
Home mountain? Ward Hill, MA originally. Now its Brighton, UT
Stance - Goofy or Regular? Regular
Years Snowboarding? 15 years i think
Favorite trick? Backside 360
Sponsors? ThirtyTwo Boots and Outerwear, Etnies, Salomon, LRG, Monster, Stance, Ashbury, Eastern Boarder, Cobra Dogs, Celtek, Magical Go Go, Nixon.
Favorite trip you went on last year? ThirtyTwo Euro Tour was an awesome time.
How many video parts? List them all? 4. Transworld's Get Real, VG's Bon Voyage, VG's Shoot the Moon, VG's the Darkside
Favorite rider and why? Rio Tahara
Favorite video part and why? Mikey LeBlanc in Brainstorm. Its just raw as hell.

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