TM-2 XLT WOMEN'S -  - hi-res
TM-2 XLT WOMEN'S -  - hi-res
TM-2 XLT WOMEN'S -  - hi-res
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Average rating: 3 stars

Average rating: 3 stars
ASHA 3/6/19 Canada

Too many straps!! The regular old Tm2 had an inner velcro system that worked well (two straps you just pat down=although it was just not made from durable material and tended to break. This system has an inner power strap that is threaded through and makes taking boots on and off a total PITA, which you will have to do while breaking these in because they are pretty painful. I've had mine heat moulded and the toes feel great, but there is a lot of pressure coming down on the top of my foot making it numb after about 15 Mins (I have average arches so I imagine it would be awful for high arches). I've never had issues with 32 before so disappointing as I was very excited for this boot. Hopefully eventually this issue will go away as otherwise I think they are a great supportive boot.