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Average rating: 4 stars

Average rating: 4 stars
John 3/6/19 California

Great storm jacket, hood fits over my smith helmet. Plenty of pockets. Great insulation and waterproofing is good for storms.only complaint is the double zipper on the bottom. The bottom button doesn't hold the zipper in place like it should. Also, powder skirt does come unbuttoned at times. does really matter to me, i wear a bib, but for someone who doesn't i can see how it can get annoying.

Average rating: 4 stars
Matt 1/25/18 Denver, Co

Don't get me wrong, this jacket is great, however I'm worried about longevity. Super warm, with a great style. I was stoked to get this and put it through some turns. After about 6 days in it so far, my only complaint is that the wrist gators are already getting torn up (stitches coming undone leaving a hole at the seam). I'd also recommend sizing up 1 size . Jacket fits well as a medium, but the sleeves are about an inch shorter than I'd like.

Average rating: 4 stars
Eantoine 11/18/17 France

This jacket is simply amazing, I wish I had bought 2. It's light and warm. The fabric is soft but also water repellent so it does not look like a technical jacket, I can wear it in every daily situation, not only on board. Great colors and so many features and pockets all over. Great!!