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32 Vinyl Sticker Sheet 30 assorted vinyl stickers!

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Item Code: 8670000118

32 VINYL STICKER SHEET reviews (2)

Overall rating
Average rating: 2 stars

Average rating: 2 stars
Chris 11/14/19 California

Very small stickers and not the cool ones pictured. For the most part just black and orange thirty two stickers of only about 4 varieties. It’s only $6 before shipping so I guess it’s ok.

Average rating: 2 stars
Keith 11/9/19 Michigan, USA

Picture of this product is not up to date. I received a sticker sheet with 30 stickers that were all black, white, and orange. They are cool stickers, but I bought this product because of some of the more unique ones in the picture, like the red and black road sign one for example.