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BINARY BOA reviews (5)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.6 stars

Average rating: 4.6 stars
Rocketman 2/25/20 Aspen Colorado

I have used these for 3 years. I burn through about one pair, sometimes two pairs per season. But then again, I ride quite a bit. Coming close to 60 to 100 days per season, and big mountains. Most days are 55+ mile per hour days, and I pull 1 to 2 G of force in turns. Certainly no one is laying over turns with my speed and force - I can leave deeper longer faster carves trenches on my Jones Hovercraft than most Skilled Alpine Carver’s on full race gear. If you can’t ride well , you aren’t going to end up with a caption like this on the Aspen Times. First off CHUCK THE SHIT INSOLE on any boot you buy and get some decent cork super feet custom molded insoles or you will never be able to utilize the full potential of these boots. Next get yourself a decent set of Merino socks with high friction - I like a certain ice breakers sock . One of the real cool things about using the socket combo is both the boot and the sock are treated with some sort of anti-microbial. It’s kind of amazing. So long as you don’t let your feet stew inside the boots All day and all night long, and you take them off when you were not riding – like at lunchtime And pop them by a heater vent- it’s kind of freaky, but your boots and socks will not smell. They’ll still smell like laundry detergent. Clean. Even after you’ve worn them for a week. It’s kind of really nice .... compared to all other snowboard boots. I added a booster strap, to the boot by bolting through the rear boot loop. That really brings the performance of these boots up a notch, and removes any possibility of Shin bang! When I lease of the Inner liner I do so well pushing the boot away for me with my leg and tilting my ankle back-and-forth. I snug the liner up , But not taking off to feel Laces is cutting into the liner into my feet.. Then putting pressure on my heel with my toes up in the air, just like I did with the liner, I aggressively cinch down both Boas. Then I place my whole foot on the ground and rock my ankle back-and-forth continuing to tighten the Boas. After that, I drive my heel into the back of my binding, and cinch down the ankle strap fairly snuggly but not snug enough to cut off my circulation. Then ride.

Average rating: 4.6 stars
Collin 5/3/19 SoCal

Hate the footbeds in these and a lot of their boots. Contributes to my feet going numb

Average rating: 4.6 stars
Mike 3/5/19 Vail, Colorado

Best boot I've ever worn. I ride 125+ days a year, teach at Vail and travel abroad to ride. Medium/stiff flex. Upgrade to performance liner was huge. Love the double boa system to dial in fit upper and lower zones. Super sturdy. Have had issues with other brands falling apart. The Binary Boa's are super durable. I'm a size 12 in street shoes (Vans, Adidas, etc) and size down to an 11 in these boots. For me, they do take close to 10 days to really break in.

Average rating: 4.6 stars
stevehimself 2/12/19 Irvine

Love these boots. I broke both of my feet at Mammoth a few years back and now I have arthritis. These are super comfy.

Average rating: 4.6 stars
B-Smith 1/2/19 Milwaukee WI

Prior this this I've owned five pairs of 32 boots recently including... TM-2's, Lashed, and Lashed Double Boa's. The double boa technology is fantastic when combined with their simple inner lacing system. I generally like a moderately stiff boot heel to toe and this was the perfect step up from the Lashed Double Boa. Molding these boots makes them perfect for a performance fit and all day riding. Spend less time in the lodge, eat lunch on the lift and RIDE ALL DAY on the Binary BOA!!