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TM-20 BIB reviews (6)

Overall rating
Average rating: 3.67 stars

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Bummer 3/6/19 Ca

Ripped as stated right at the hip next to the seam. It’s a defect. It is not the seam that fails but the actual pant material itself. I give it four stars because the bib is awesome and the customer service to remedy has done a great job as well.

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Daniel 2/7/19 Seattle

Perfect bib until it tears. These bibs have a defect where they tear right above the hip. My bib and my friend's bib both tore at the same spot.

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Ken 1/25/19 Nj

I'm 5'6 165 lbs . The bought a size small and it fits pretty snug . Thought it would run big like all 32 products . It's really tight in the crotch area . I still like them though . The keep me warm and dry .

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Sebislav 1/6/19 Austria

Dear 32-Team, I really like the material the bib is made of and also the fit is really nice and comfortable. I just did a small tour hike with it and it works well as far as I can tell but during the way up I realized the biggest flaw I have ever seen on such a piece of equipment. What came to your mind creating this nice bib with a one-way zipper? If you need to pee you have to open your jacket, run the zipper through the straps of your beacon and such that is a huge minus on the bib therefore only a three star rating. In general I do not do any reviews but I thought this is something you should consider for future products especially if it is a 20k.

Average rating: 3.67 stars
BluO2 12/14/18 Gatlinburg, TN

I work Park Crew @ OGFT so I’m on the mountain from 6am to past 11pm at night with these bibs. I’ve worn them for 1 full work week as I write this review but these are the best I’ve ever bought for snowboarding. Nothing will compare to a nice set of bibs, I promise! Thick, but never too hot so yes you will need layers underneath if you aren’t digging like I do. Waterproofing is supreme on these guys as I’m the only one without a wet ass while everyone else with 10k bibs are soaked! Pockets on a set of bibs are just dope, you’ll love the ease of it all and even going to bathroom haha. Unfortunately I didn’t get a deal through 32 since I work on a mountain due to that my home mountain is a retailer of 32. So I tried to get a deal through my mountain (Ober Gatlinburg) andddd they had no idea what to do but only tell me they’ll charge me more for a pro deal that I better just order on the website. Pissed me off so much but I had to have 32 brand bibs and I can now tell you it was worth it. Thanks again 32, much love to you all & to anyone at my home mountain, you might as well shop through 32 websites and not spend a dime in the shop since they can’t help a digger who works his ass off :)

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Ripitupdude 10/30/18 Colorado

Havent had a chance to get out in these yet but overall material and construction looks good and they seem really waterproof. I bought for splitboarding and back/side country riding. They are a little slim for me (6' , 200lbs) and I bought a size xl. Only thing that worries me and reason for not giving 5 stars is the crotch area seems a little tight. When I squat down there is tension in this area and I think it may cause a problem down the road. Over all they look great and im stoked to get some powder days in them!