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TM-2 JONES XLT reviews (6)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.67 stars

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Boo Boo 1/25/20 Steamboat

This boot is stiff and responsive and customer service will take care of you if any issues arise.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Chris_OPA 4/15/19 Austria, National Park Hohe Tauern

for start, it's stiff A.F. but when getting used to and enjoying the enormous amont of respons, your just a happy rider! going up and down the mountains.....

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Sap 3/28/19 Sierra nevada

Really liked the fit! First time using 32 boots! It’s been súper confortable so far! Yesterday first day spliting with them, and so far riding the resort so, súper fun for pop and turns! Thank you guys!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Parker 2/26/19 Salt Lake City

I was looking for a Medium/Stiff flexing boot to be used 100% for backcountry touring and the TM-2 Jones does not disappoint. Its the perfect amount of stiffness for steep couloirs where response is vital. I run my laces loose for long approaches and then cinch them tight when it gets technical. The lace gaiter keeps my feet dry in all conditions. My only wish is that they would cut some bulk and weight out of them and I would 100% buy again.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Brian 2/25/19 AK

Great option for those that don't want the liability of boa failure. Keep lacing zones seperate and undo shin power velcro band and you kinda get a walk mode out of them. Durability and workmanship seems very high out of box but after 8 tour days and 25 resort they are showing the wear. Seems one of best AT stiff boots for snowboarders with softboot heritage. Does great kicksteps. Takes crampon! Vibram sole! Major improvement would be best highest quality($$) intuition liner possible. For 350 better get two Alaska seasons out of them! Definitely big mountain worthy.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
bittergourd 1/7/19 Seattle

Giving it 4 stars because while I love the stiffness of the boot and how absolutely great the Intuition liner feels with the Vibram Insole and the response from brain to boot to board is freaking spectacular, no matter what I try I can get the laces to stay tight. While I don't want a BOA in here like the Jones MTB, this boot would so benefit from a outer speedlace system.