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CORP MITT reviews (6)

Overall rating
Average rating: 3.67 stars

Average rating: 3.67 stars
JD 2/27/19 New York City

Me gusto !

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Looch 1/31/19 Kiev, UA

Good looking, warm and comfy, but the seams are so weak... I've got teared seam on the palm of right hand on the sixth day of riding.

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Idris 1/15/19 MD

I'm a huge fan of the zipper on the mittens. Doesn't stick when you zip it out, and I haven't had any water leak in. The only thing I don't like about these mittens is the durability. I've only used them twice, once snowboarding, and once shoveling snow. When I went snowboarding, I noticed that the seams were starting to fray a bit, and I just thought it was from grabbing my edge, but then when I was shoveling snow, it started fraying a bunch of other places. They still keep my hands warm and dry, but I don't think they'll last more than another weekend snowboarding.

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Markle 1/6/19 Norwich, UK

These mittens are so dope! Warm as toast and super tech with a sneaky hidden zip to free your fingers for those frustrating times when your hop flask top is frozen shut on the lift!

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Athony 1/1/19 Yucaipa ca

Best gloves I've owned

Average rating: 3.67 stars
Ron 12/9/18 Utah

Not a warm mitt and the seam came unsewded very easily.