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FOCUS BOA reviews (8)

Overall rating
Average rating: 3.88 stars

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Stew Smiff 9/21/19 Australia

The colours are growing on me. The boot is super stiff, coming out of a stiff competitor, these are hardcore. they stay tight all day and are super comfortable. The removable stiffeners are great for when you want an easy day on the hill. The heat molding liners are the BOMB! Get some for yourself, you won't be disappointed! Now to see how long they last! My last 32's did 500 days on snow. Cheers Thirtytwo! happy days.

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Snarl 8/16/19 Norcal 415

I've been riding 32s for 7years, this is my 3rd pair, each iteration of their boots is so much better than the previous. These are the trickiest so far,cant wait for winter

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Tnkcatcher 3/3/19 SunriseSkiPark, Az

Comfortable fit, easy boa system, sleek look. Halfway through day I begin the get compression pain from top “lace” area of foot. I don’t think the boa runs through there so not sure how to lessen the discomfort?

Average rating: 3.88 stars
James 2/24/19 Mammoth Mountain, CA

The most uncomfortable boot I’ve ever worn. I’ve used them over 2 seasons and thought they’d break in, per other reviews, and they’re still awful. Fit great in the store but riding I lose circulation in my feet after 1/2 runs even if they are as loose as I can make them. Find another pair.

Average rating: 3.88 stars
PTILLS 1/22/19 NJ

little stiff at first but then broke in a bit. Great adjustabilty and very solid boot seems bullet proof!

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Mike 1/20/19 Russia\Austria

Like these boots, first boots that are stiff enough (More than 10 years of riding)

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Dennis 1/5/19 Vancouver and Whistler

This is my third set of 32 Focus boots. I tried some Binary's this time around and returned them after one day to get the Focus. Focus boots have a big profile (although the 2" sole claim is a bit silly) and you may have to go to the next binding size up if you're near the cutoff. But this is a truly bulletproof boot for all-mountain bombing. Stiff, comfortable, no heel lift even if you wanted to, and warm in everything I've been out in. I like the adjustable insole, too. I've added the first-level support piece and it's enough for me.

Average rating: 3.88 stars
Sir Rides Alot 12/14/18 Mary Jane CO

Soles so thick they made me 2" taller. Seriously though the size 9's would not fit a medium binding. Sold em on ebay