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With the perfect blend of support and comfort, the TM-TWO is setting the bar higher with the addition of Storm Shield shell coating for all weather protection, sealing your boots from the elements. The Tongue Tension systems adds heel lock down for a more responsive boot. Featuring dual cushioning STI Evolution Foam with System G2 Gel and a performance backstay for support on those heavy landings. With the new Performance Internal Harness, go bigger with the taller and more supportive internal lacing. Versatile for any type of riding the TM-TWO is a favorite of Scotty Stevens

Product Details

Item Code: 8105000296/700
Fit: Performance
Lacing: Traditional
Footbed: Performance
Flex: Stiff

Tech Features

  • Traditional Lacing
  • STI Evolution Foam™ Outsole
  • 1:1 Lasting
  • System G2 Gel
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Performance Internal Harness
  • Tongue Tension System
  • Articulated Cuff
  • Performance Backstay
  • Overmold
  • Storm Shield
  • Heel Hold System
  • Intuition Foam
  • Pressure Pad
  • Power Cuff

Tech Features

Boot Specifications
Traditional Lacing
Superior lacing
STI Evolution Foam™ Outsole
Light weight cushioning
1:1 Lasting
True half sizes
System G2 Gel
Temperature independent cushioning
3D Molded Tongue
Even flex
Performance Internal Harness
Built taller for additional support, flexibility, and heel hold
Tongue Tension System
Heel lock down
Articulated Cuff
Eliminates shell distortion
Performance Backstay
Enhanced spine support
Fused overlay
Storm Shield
All weather seal
Heel Hold System
Heel lock down
Intiution Foam
100% Heat moldable
Pressure Pad
Alleviates internal lace bite
Power Cuff
Adjustable support
Boot Fit
Comfort Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam allowing for moderate support and a soft flex, lined with micro fleece for superior warmth and comfort, 100% heat moldable for a customized fit
Team Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam formulated for medium support, flex, and enhanced comfort, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding
Performance Fit
Constructed with dual density intuition foam maximizing support and stiffness while providing enhanced comfort, strategically designed overlays for additional forefoot and spine support, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding
Elite Fit
Injection molded with high rebound energy foam providing excellent support, medium flex and will not break down like traditional liners, lined with intuition foam making this liner 100% heat moldable, customize fit with heel hold kit
Molded footbed
Molded footbed with heel cradle and arch support
Molded Evolution Foam with heel cradle, arch support and heel cushioning
Molded Energy Foam with heel cradle and customziable adaptive arch support

TM-TWO reviews (17)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Matt Skyline 9/5/18 Mt Buller

One of the best boots I’ve ever ridden. Got full support from carving or big jump, also make my jibbing easier. I definitely buy it again

Average rating: 5 stars
Smprego 1/28/18 San Francisco

Bought these for my boyfriend and he LOVES THEM! ThirtyTwo has AMAZING customer service and products - I appreciate the commitment to the customer and we will keep supporting this great company!

Average rating: 5 stars
AussieV 1/24/18 Park City, UT

I have been searching years for a great boot and finally found it. My feet have always hurt for as long as I have been boarding and the TM-TWOs have solved that problem, especially with their heel hold + heel hold inserts feature. I just learned that my past boots required me to tie my boots way too tight that eventually caused a ton of pain after a few runs. Thank you so much, ThirtyTwo. Seriously. With no more pain and a ton of support/control, I have never felt so comfortable on my board. I now have a newfound love for snowboarding and it is all because of these babies.

Average rating: 5 stars
Marcusbreh 12/26/17 Tahoe

Super stiff! Still breaking them in but I'm super impressed with the heel hold. Didn't need to use additional inserts.

Average rating: 5 stars
Steve Gullo 12/13/17 San Mateo

Love the fit and the materials are a lot more durable than my 2014 tm-two's. Hella stoked!

Average rating: 5 stars
Kuzzilla, Thomas Kusse 11/14/17 Gendt, The Netherlands

Upgraded last year from the Lashed to the TM-two and not a moment of regret. It's comfertable all day with a nice stiff flex. Heel hold is great, flex is medium to stiff in my opinion, love the traditional lacing and the traxion is good enough for the resort im riding. Cant wait to use the TM-two's in the snow again....

Average rating: 5 stars
Epiclyajustin 11/14/17 Long Beach Ca

Stooooked on these boots. Year after year they rule. Stiff but in a responsive way. They transfer energy and movement suuuper well to the board and they still have good feel on the bottom. I love these for all over bear mtn and mammoth.

Average rating: 5 stars
Ken 11/14/17 Nj

Great stiff boot . I do recommend that you go a half size up . I rode this boot last season and I'm still going wit them . I put in about 30 full days on them and they are still good for one more season . Goin for tm3's next season . Still my fav boot ever . Love 32 .

Average rating: 5 stars
Nickc 11/13/17 Sacramento

This is hands down the best “do it all boot”. Super comfortable out of the box and heat moldable if you need it. The flex is perfect for crushing the mountain or getting after it in the park.

Average rating: 5 stars
Ken 11/13/17 Nj

Great stiff boot . I do recommend that you go a half size up . I rode this boot last season and I'm still going wit them . I put in about 30 full days on them and they are still good for one more season . Goin for tm3's next season . Still my fav boot ever . Love 32 .

Average rating: 5 stars
Seb 11/2/17 Kessel-Lo, Belgium

Great boots!! After riding very soft boots, it took me a while to adapt to stiff boots. They are very reactive and it's amazing. It feels some much easier doing some tricks. When I first tried them on, my heel was a bit loose but with the technology Thirtytwo uses with the extra patches they fit perfect. On top of that, they just look beautiful!

Average rating: 5 stars
EffThatJeff 11/1/17 NJ/CA

Wow. Just wow. At first I thought they felt a little stiff. Once I started riding I felt the support. Geez man. I paired this with a Capita DOA and Union forces. Oooooh-Eeeeeeh Rick. I was ripping. Hard. I’ve never felt so solid and confident. It changed my riding and season. Remarkable product. Cop these and throw some shwifties. Get rowdy.

Average rating: 5 stars
Bear Claw 11/1/17 Salt Lake City

I've been riding the TM 2 for years now and I can't ride anything else. Hands down the best boot ever!!

Average rating: 5 stars
Shemble 11/1/17 North Carolina

Best all around boot for the value hands down. Walking around/hiking all day doesn’t create pinch points and boot doesn’t pack out nearly as fast as others that I’ve put this many days on. Two thumbs way up.

Average rating: 5 stars
Chris Moser 11/1/17 United States

I have a pair of the Scott Stevens' TM-Twos. They've got a fair amount of support, making them quite responsive while still having enough give to allow you to tweak them around. The spine in the heel is great for locking in the bindings. I have had some issues with my ankle as they've packed out, but I have really bony ankles. Shouldn't be a problem once I put the included J-bars in. Overall comfortable boots that allow me to be able to do whatever I want to on the mountain.

Average rating: 5 stars
benny 10/4/17 germany

Best Boots

Average rating: 5 stars
Snowlifestylee 9/1/17 Seven Springs Pa

Best boot if your looking to stay around three hundred. Keeps heel locked in place place and forms to foot.