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Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
FilmerD 5/7/19 Big Boulder Park

Had a pair of 2012 Lashed and 2015 Session before this one. Really enjoyed riding my last two pairs. Biggest problem I have had is delamination between the upper and the rubber sole of the boot. It creates a gap that allows water to get in. Happened on both the lashed and the session. Right under the middle of the boot. Other comment is that on the Session the old toe cap was prone to fraying due to holding the board's heelside edge on the lift. My toe caps almost completely frayed over the course of the season just from edges contacting the toe cap while on the lift and cutting them open. Pretty much had an open toed boot by the end of the season since the seams on the toe cap frayed off completely. Looks like that problem has been solved with the new toe cap which looks sharper. There are some wear and tear issues in the long term but the boots ride great. Liking the additional stiffness