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Charge the whole mountain with this all-purpose boot. Synonymous with perfect fit and flex the Lashed is the #1 selling boot world wide. Wrap your forefoot with the Independent Eyestay and flex with ease, thanks to the articulated cuff, eliminating shell distortion. The Performance Backstay maintains support while the new Team Fit Liners with Cozy Cuff ensures you ride comfortably all winter long. And fly higher with the lightweight and durable Evolution Foam outsole

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Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Emily 12/16/18 illinois

LOVE THESE! They’re now over a season old and still feel fantastic. They’re so freakin’ comfy I never have any issues with circulation unlike other brands I’ve used. I love Desiree’s design of these and get complimented frequently even by strangers on the slopes! Thanks for making these rad boots thirtytwo

Average rating: 5 stars
Nea 3/6/18 Montana

Loving these boots so far. The heel was extremely tight, which is a good thing, but required bandage for about the first week. However, I believe that usually comes with the break in process, which in my opinion has been a minimal duration/experience. The only thing I don't like about these boots, is that when you look down at them the grey toe reads on one boot "I am making," and the other boot reads "ART!" in a chicken-scratch looking font. It also says that all over the tongue, but that isn't as noticeable. Multiple friends asked me on the chair lift, why does your boot (the unstrapped one) say "I am making," and I had to explain the silly font everytime. Luckily my friend is an artist and added some sweet designs on top to cover the font. And NOW they are 5 stars in my eyes. Thanks!