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Ride in style with the new Lashed Premium with supple full grain leather. Equipped with the new 100% heat Performance moldable Performance Fit liner with Cozy Cuff and micro fleece, customize your kit even further with the Heel Hold System. Ride harder with the added support from the new Performance Internal Harness, securely anchoring foot, and cushion every landing with the high-density Evolution Foam outsole. Age the leather naturally or protect it from the elements with the supplied Nikwax Water Proofing Wax for Leather.

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Item Code: 8205000155/200
Color: BROWN


Overall rating
Average rating: 4 stars

Average rating: 4 stars
Mackenzie 11/2/17 Vermont

I’ve had 3 pairs of these boots over the years and loved them! Easy break in and usually lasted a season. I did notice they got extremely soft towards the end of the year and the interior ties would rip, but I enjoyed them during the icy conditions we get on the east coast more than in the spring time slush