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STW BOA reviews (8)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.88 stars

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Aaron 3/14/19 Las vegas

Couldn’t beat the price and they feel great. Worked great this season.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Lucas 3/1/18 Michigan

Supper light and comfy

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Lindow 12/24/17 Vancouver Washington

Excellent boots great quality and comfortable

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Classic_Chris_Martin 11/16/17 Ohio

Rocked the 2011 models until the end of the 2015/2016 season. Had to shoe goo the seems to make them last that extra year. Great boots that are extremely light and flexible. I went from the DC Phases and this was night and day. The 2011 model would get tight around the ankles which was annoying but I would just loosing the boa and retighten when that would happen.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Charlie 11/15/17 Portland Oregon

Best boots you can get for the price. Very comfortable

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Jmadd 11/14/17 Utah

Perfect boots for me! They are warm, quick to use, and super comfortable. After using this boot I don't think I will ever get a boot that isn't a 321

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ryan 11/2/17 Dubuque, IA

this boot is very sturdy great ankle support. only downside is spring riding they get wet & uncomfortable but that’s nothin. overall great boot easy to get on and off pretty light pretty solid

Average rating: 4.88 stars
B****@Braedenm16 11/1/17 Wisconsin

These boots are so comfortable and cheap to. By far the bet boot for its price. You won't regret buying these.