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TM-TWO DIGGERS XLT reviews (3)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Don Roberto Guanaco 8/25/18 California, Alaska, Japan, Oregon, and Chile

Really solid, great boots, fit true to size, a bit stiffer than the vanilla TM-TWOs. No nonsense. I have 30-40 days in these boots including a lot of hiking and they seem quite durable.

Average rating: 5 stars
Eric 6/14/18 Haarlem

very nice boots! takes some time to get comfy if you dont heat mold them but once you get through that they are great!

Average rating: 5 stars
alpine_andrew 2/17/18 Alpine Meadows, CA

I recommend getting a smaller boot than you think you need. These boots loosen up a bunch as they mold to your feet. They’ve stayed super nice after the initial breaking in period.