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TM-TWO XLT reviews (9)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4 stars

Average rating: 4 stars
DHOLL 3/31/19 NY

Bought the 2018 TM-TWO XLT as my 2011 UL (v1) liner Velcro finally started to lose hold. Both boots have an amazingly durable outer "rubber mesh" layer - a huge reason my ULs are STILL in great condition 8 years later! The inner liner Velcro was moved from the foam tongue to a strap, which I hope makes for easier replacement down the road. The new boots seem a bit stiffer, but nice. Their rubber soles make them significantly heavier than the UL, which used foam. I wish they were lighter, but they're great boots.

Average rating: 4 stars
Baldie 11/30/18 Northstar

I bought the 10.5 because a 10 is just too small for me and thirtytwo claim to have true half sizes, they don't. The half size is the same outerboot as the next size up - 10.5 is a 11.

Average rating: 4 stars
Giulioe 5/8/18 Italy

As good as the tm twoes but stiffer and more durable.

Average rating: 4 stars
DC 4/6/18 Boulder, CO

Breaking them in has proven to be a bit of a pain. I am a true US8 and almost feel like I should have went up a half size. While the heel lock is nice, one of the boots rubbed a gnarly blister on the inside of my left heel. Still super stoked on these boots!

Average rating: 4 stars
MC Lite 1/3/18 Redondo Beach

Normally run a size 9. I had the STW boa from probably 7 years ago, and a Lashed FT from maybe 3 seasons ago. Upgraded to the TM-Two XLT and actually had to size down to an 8.5. Definitely a stiffer fit than I was used to, but didn't impact too much, possibly had me riding better than usual actually. The way the boot holds your heel down took some getting used to, kind of had blisters starting to form in that zone but now it's $$. I recommend this boot for a more serious rider who cares more about performance than comfort. For the weekend warrior, the Lashed is still the way to go.

Average rating: 4 stars
Grateful Shred 1/1/18 Catskill Mountains

Very stoked on these. A rugged, solid boot. Although a little stiffer than I am used to, so breaking in is taking longer than my previous boots. But hoping that means they will last longer.

Average rating: 4 stars
Ben 12/28/17 St. Louis

Fucking amazing.

Average rating: 4 stars
dickie 12/1/17 Winter Park, CO

Lifty 115+ days in the '16-'17 TM-Two XLT and now onto the 17-18 model. The first original reason I was interested in the XLT was that in the 16-17 model had "protected" stitching all around the lace areas. The "protection" proved to work, no blown stitching (unlike any of my pairs of Lashed). Unfortunately the 17-18 model has done away with that design...we'll see... The second reason was because of the Vibram sole. As a lift operator, I stand/work in variable ground conditions in all of winter, and the Vibram sole has NOT let me down. My 16-17 model's sole has not faded a bit, and that it including my skating push toe. Top notch grip! The Vibram sole even grips my Never Summer Board so much that it makes the thought of a stomp pad laughable. Super stiff right out of the box. I personally had a painful experience breaking in these boots (no heat molding), but no problems since. Liners are great. The Storm Coat thing in the toe box...meh, cracked out. Awesome riding performance! All the responsiveness, support, and dependability I love Thirtytwo for I highly recommend this boot for folks working up on the mountain, and expect top performance everyday all season long. The average rider might find this boot to be "just too much". But hey, that just like, my opinion, man. Also, shout out to ThirtyTwo for having AWESOME GREAT CUSTOMER SRVICE! I wish I had more to say of the 17-18 model at the moment.

Average rating: 4 stars
Engleson 11/1/17 Kimberley BC

I've always been a big fan of how comfy and light the 32 boots are. Started in the Lashed and moved up into the TM-TWO's. A stiffer and more durable boot but still very comfy. The vibram sole will hold up a lot better on my sled this year then the older softer soles. A bit heavier of a boot this year, obviously, but still a very comfortable fit. No problems riding all day when you don't have hurting feet.