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ZEPHYR WOMEN'S reviews (2)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.5 stars

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Liv 8/26/18 Minnesota

I wear size 5 normally, or a 36. I bought a size 6 (36.5) in the zephyr. They fit pretty well in the store but on the hill I noticed my foot start to get numb after 20 minutes. They were too tight on the top of my foot , probably due to my high arch. I can feel that it's a great boot, but it doesn't like my foot very much.

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Sheenski 2/7/18 Vernon, New Jersey (Home Mountain->Mountain Creek)

I wore these boots right out of the box for a couple hours of casual riding in the park, and was having some serious heel lift issues and toe numbness. I powered through the toe thing(it was mostly just numb when sitting on the lift) but it was a lot of work to ride my usual pace only because my heels would lift and move around in both boots every time I attempted anything toeside. :[ These boots come with squishy circular pads that are meant to be placed between the liner and outer shell of your boot. Put all eight of them in(four per boot), done as instructed, and doubled up my sock game. Went out for some laps. Improvement! But still had toe numbness while sitting on the lift/my heels were still not locked in. =/ Day 3: This time I double folded down my outer wool sock over my heels to thicken that area up a bit. Maybe my heels are abnormally thin? Either way ThirtyTwo boots began to live up to their name!!. i.e. My partner claims his old 2011 Joe Sexton's are the most comfortable boot he's ever worn. And that man blows through boots. Anyway, I live within walking distance to a ski lift. I prefer a stiffer boot for all day charging when I travel to see friends that live by bigger mountains(boots like the Team Two's). The Zephyr is my go-to fun runner. The soles are stiff and strong, demanding the board to respond to the smallest tweaks in toe or heel pressure(YES). But the boot flexes when you get low in them, so they're cozy and comfy and great for hanging out in. Everyone is in harmony, and it's a beautiful thing. P.S. I own Union Trilogy & Legacy bindings. HIGHLY recommend both- Trilogy for NJ fun riding & Legacy for VT, CA, CO pow. It's SO important to have good fitting equipment, because it all transfers over to being able to move your board around like a boss. I'm 5'3" 120 lbs and as much as I ride, I've never "blown out" any boots I've owned (two pairs of Burton boots in ~13 years). They held up over the years, but if you want to have even MORE fun/style than you've already been having, do yourself a favor and go try on some new boots at your local shop:) I regularly hit small to medium features & jumps, and these boots make me happy. The lace-up is the greatest, once they're on, they're on. You spend as much time lacing these up the first time, as you do stopping to spend time re-tightening whatever speed zone or fast track set up you have. Unless this is what you prefer, then rock on. =D Well now that you know the setup, GET OUT THERE & RIDE