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JONES MTB reviews (3)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.67 stars

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Bill 1/8/19 Bay Area

I have used this boot for 2 seasons now. While I agree that having BOAs all around would be more convenient in gloved hands, I too wondered why the boot did not have these. I was told when buying the boot it was because of repair issues in the backcountry. The idea being that replacing laces is much easier in that place than repairing a BOA. I recently found out why this approach works. My BOA laces failed on the walk function backs. This was after hammering them quite a bit for 1.5 seasons. I was on the snow when it happened and I noted that the main laces were long enough to thread through a well-placed ribbon strap on the back of the boot - allowing me to use my main laces to pull the walk flap up tight into the boot by looping them around the back of this flap before tying them and carry on boarding. Somebody thought about that ribbon strap location carefully, thanks!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Ofik 12/10/18 Czech republic


Average rating: 4.67 stars
CG 12/3/18 Thornton

This is a near-perfect tool for splitboarding. The walking collar is the single most innovative feature in any splitboard-focused boot on the market. My one and only complaint is that the boot uses a traditional lacing system elsewhere. I'd much prefer a BOA lacing system throughout the boot, as dealing with laces in the backcountry, while more reliable, is nearly impossible to mess with while wearing thick winter gloves.