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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.71 stars

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Zach 12/27/17 PA

Perfect park boots, medium flex, reliable, high quality, comfortable.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Art 12/16/17 Michigan

Comfy boots, warm, reactive, and they look good. I’ve riden them 3 times so far this season and no complaints.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Kevin 11/14/17 Big bear

Best boots I’ve ever owned, took only 1 day to break in after I used the heat molding, hugs your foot comfortably, perfect flex, and looks great!

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Tyler 11/2/17 Winter Park, CO

Pretty rad boots! Medium flex built for ripping the whole mountain like a park. Put well over 100 days in these last season, riding everything from bumps at Mary Jane to pow at Mt. Baker to park laps at Copper. Just a solid all around boot with the tried and true system known as traditional laces. Just be sure to go a half size up - they fit a little snug!

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Tj Homan 11/2/17 Utah

I’ve had a couple of pairs of lashed Bradshaw’s over the last few years they are super comfy and the Bradshaw colorway is easily the best looking in the lashed line up year after year! They perform super well and have just the right amount of flex to ride anything from park to street. My only complaint is that they don’t last as long as I’d like them to. The running joke about thirty two is that they call it 32 because their boots last 32 days before they start to fall apart. But with a roll of duct tape, a knife , a good boot dryer, and a “can do” attitude you can usually make them work for a year or 2. I just got my second pair so we’ll se how it goes this time around. :) all and all I’d say it was good enough for me to buy a second pair. Just know that it might take a quick trip to the hardware store to keep them going all season. But I would still recommend them to a friend.

Average rating: 4.71 stars
James Stuart 11/1/17 Salt Lake City

Had the lashed since they came out I can’t even remember what year! Perfect flex and stiffness right out of the box! No destroyed legs from the first week or two after breaking them in!

Average rating: 4.71 stars
Mason Lux 11/1/17 Rock Springs, Wyoming

These boots are sweet! I am super hyped to spend the season riding in boots that fit and are comfortable. These boots combine comfort and style perfectly. Thirty-two is also doing their part in preserving the pow we ride by reducing the amount of product wasted making each boot. They have a good thing going here and the boots are awesome!