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LASHED CRAB GRAB reviews (5)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Giulio 1/25/18 Alleghe (IT)

Very nice boots...the best boots i try.....the best feeling

Average rating: 5 stars
grillmaster420 11/13/17 Whistler, BC.

On my 3rd pair of lashed now and they're the perfect boot for mobbin' park laps all day. Also, Not too soft to take to the steepest lines and chutes, but I'm thinking of getting the TM-2s next time to give my injured ankle a little bit more support.

Average rating: 5 stars
Trevor Nelson 11/4/17 Herriman Utah

These boots are the meat and potatoes of snowboard boots . No gimmicks, they just work whether your hit park laps all day or spend your time looking for the gnarliest cliff to drop or maybe you just want to carve some groomers. No matter what these boots perform sun up to sun down and they will keep your feet warm and snug while maintaining the response you need to rip. You really can’t go wrong with the lashed, they’re like the Labrador retriever of snowboard boots.

Average rating: 5 stars
G****@gavinkrist_ 11/1/17 New York, USA

Thirtytwo has been killing the game with how they excel with boots. I’ve always road in 32 boots, and always will. Thirtytwo continues to produce top notch boots that meet the riders needs, yet for a very nice price. Thirtytwo boot are durable and strong, I had a pair that lasted 3 years of snowboarding and park crew work. I love the style of these boots and I purchased them because I’m very satisfied with the durability and style of the boot. The color and style is nice, but the price is even better compared to other competitors who’s boot are not even as comfortable. Overall the grab crab lashed is the best boot out there. All I know is “buy thirtytwo, repeat”

Average rating: 5 stars
EffThatJeff 11/1/17 Mountain Creek. Big Bear. Timberline

Comfy. Comfy. Comfy. The most comfy boot I’ve ever had. They come off pretty easy at the end of the day. Getting these on/off are breeze. Similar to putting on high top sneakers almost. ( Nike Air Forces ). They don’t blow out as fast as other boots in its class. Great board feel. They are super light too. Heel hold is the only thing I could complain about. But instead of complaining. I just re-tie them again every few hours. You’ll be snapping lofty ollies into the sunset in no time home girl.