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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.25 stars

Average rating: 4.25 stars
KEVIN 2/19/19 Detroit

Good boots but bummed how cut up they have already gotten the 4 times ive ridden them.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Josh K. 1/25/19 Utah

Awesome boots! Took a day or two on the mountain to break in and now they’re amazing. They keep my feet way warm all day, aren’t too tight, aren’t too loose, perfect boots for me!

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Nick G 12/28/18 California

Four only because the velcro strap inside broke and its only been My 3rd week wearing them in.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Jerry 11/30/18 Washington

Are you tired of people calling you a Jerry ? Well look no further, these boots will change their minds. An all mountain freestyle boot that looks just as good as it feels. Very supportive and comfortable from the morning until the end of the day. Highly recommend heat molding at a local shop!