By JP Walker
Q&A with JP Walker
How did the idea of filming a full part at The Spot come about?

It happened really naturally. In the early season, I spend six days a week up at The Spot. This year I was putting in a lot of time up there solo and so I decided to shoot for something.

I mentioned to Jeremy that I was thinking of filming a full part at The Spot, if he could help me out by filming. As soon as he said I think you should do that, then the ideas just started popping.

We filmed one clip with the drone where I do a 270 onto the rail and a switch blunt 270 out on the next rail, Jeremy got that clip and it looked dope and that sparked it. We had never filmed with a drone in there, because it is actually kind of hard since the trees are tight.

Do you feel like Smoke Screen captures all the aspects of The Spot?

That is the thing I wanted to get across – what a day in life at The Spot is like. There’s a lot of lifestyle clips in the front, basically like chores. That is everyday, build a fire right when you get there, dig the rails out, cut wood, ride for a while, and then sit by the fire and throw knives. That’s what we are doing up there.

How did the loop come about?

Man, just like anything else up there… We have the main stuff we set up. That rail double line and the kink. From that, someone will throw out an idea and all the sudden it will happen.

Before the first snowfall last season Jeremy was up there and he said we should build a loop. I said if you want to do that let’s build it right now. It sparked from the idea, and we built it on those trees right away.

We eyeballed it, step-by-step and somehow we got it first try. It is just made out of wood, and it is kind of a rattle cage. That thing’s crazy man it just serves people up. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out that thing throws you a curve ball.

Did it change the dynamic at the Spot to have the pressure of filming there?

It changed it a little, because the dynamic is usually that one person films a clip and everyone helps them for the day. Then the next day it is the next guy’s turn. An all for one and one for all vibe.

For this project, it was kind of crazy. I would grind all day, get a clip and need to film whenever someone was available to film the next day. Besides that and stressing on the drone battery lasting for a shot, it wasn’t too much different.

Anything else you want to mention?

The smoke shot at the end wasn’t planned at all. It just happened naturally, after the original Spot members had been camping there.

When we camp at The Spot, we get pine boughs and lay them on the ground to insulate us from the snow when we sleep. In the morning everyone piles them on the fire and they smoke like crazy. I just stepped in there, not planned and Brock was just filming it. The way that I came out of the smoke and then faded back into it I could have never done on purpose.

That’s another thing too. The lighting up there is sick through the trees when the sun is at the right spot for a moment. You’ll have a five minute window to get a great photo. You always have to be ready for something to pop off up there.