JP Walker


DOB? 10-16-76
Nicknames? The Don, HJIC
Home mountain? Brighton
Stance – Goofy or Regular? Reg
Years Snowboarding? How many years ago was '92?
Favorite trick? It has to be a backside lip. They are like the method of rail tricks. You can tell a lot about a someone by the way they do one.
Sponsors? ThirtyTwo, etnies, StepChild, Oakley, Nixon, Vertra, Raw Rev, Epic bar and Milo Sport
Favorite trip you went on last year? Probably Helsinki. I always have a good time out there. I took a crew of first timers out there and showed them what I’ve learned since my first trip there back in 04.
How many video parts? I’m working on my 21st part now with VG. I’ve got a good stack of footy right now but we are releasing the vid later in the winter so if the season starts of good we should be able to film a few extra shots this coming fall/winter to add to the timeline. Looking forward to that.
Favorite rider and why? Jeremy Jones. My boy, dudes has been there every step of my snowboarding life. Mad respect and props for everything he has done.
Favorite video part and why? Joyride section in MDP's The Hard, The Hungry and The Homeless. Featuring Roan Rogers, Nate Cole, Dale Rehberg and many others.

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